About Us

Claire Louise Holistics and Beauty offers a range of holistic treatments in Neston. Located in Little Neston, Cheshire, it was started to share the passion of self-love and relaxation with all, and those who visit Claire Louise Holistics always leave feeling the best version of themselves, inside and out.

Claire Louise Holistics and Beauty steps outside the boundaries associated with conventional self care options and offers a peaceful and relaxing environment that protects you against stress and hardship, and ensures that the pressure of everyday life never becomes overwhelming.

Holistic Treatments in Neston

Claire Louise Holistics and Beauty has over 20 years’ experience in holistic treatments and can offer a range of services that can be tailored to your requirements.

Hot stone therapy in Neston is the perfect way to remove tension and stiffness, while those choosing an Indian head massage in Little Neston can be confident of relaxation, as well as many other potential benefits, including stress and pain relief.

Another approach offered by Claire Louise Holistics and Beauty is the classic Swedish massage, renowned for promoting flexibility and increased blood flow, as well as helping with depression.

All holistic treatments are designed to fit the needs of the person, rather than treating one symptom. Although people will have different experiences when receiving holistic treatments, using the services of a seasoned professional like Claire Louse Holsitics and Beauty ensures that you always get the very best holistic treatments in Neston.

Beauty Treatments in Neston

As well as offering a wide range of holistic treatments in Neston, Claire Louise Holistics and Beauty can also offer an assortment of beauty treatments that will have you looking your best.

Let your personality shine with a choice of alluring and original colours when choosing gel nails in Neston, or feel fresh and vibrant following a face exfoliation in Neston.

Regardless of how stressful life has been recently, taking advantage of the many holistic and beauty treatments in Neston ensures you can shirk away the shackles of tension.

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